Our history

The forerunner of the Coöperatieve Nederlandse Champignonkwekersvereniging (CNC) was set up on the initiative of eight growers in North Limburg. CNC took off much more rapidly than these pioneers had originally imagined. 

CNC very soon gained a central role in the Dutch mushroom sector in terms of sales, R&D, training, advice and environmental issues. Casing soil and composting companies were also used to enable the raw materials for growing to be produced more efficiently. 

Consumer information

Mushrooms are special. They are fat-free, low in calories and at the same time a source of protein, fibre and various B vitamins. There is more protein in mushrooms than in most other vegetables. Mushrooms on the menu are not only a must in terms of healthy eating, they are also a sustainable choice. 

In the context of global pressure on natural resources mushrooms are a sustainable choice. Mushrooms have a relatively high protein content and high levels of B vitamins in comparison with other vegetables. This means they are great for low-meat or no-meat diets. Not much water is required to grow mushrooms, and many of the composting raw materials are waste products of other companies.

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