Our ambitions are not only aimed at increasing profits. They are also about the environment we live and work in (planet) and about all the people involved: our customers, consumers, partners and staff (people). Through our cooperative parent organisation we are able to monitor the supply chain and work with our stakeholders to improve its sustainability. 

Our CSR programme is centred around four core themes: respect for the environment, food and health, responsibility in the supply chain, and corporate social responsibility. 

Respect for the environment

We reduce the impact our business activities have on the environment by using energy and water critically and sparingly and by reducing our use of chemicals.

Related to the theme ‘respect for the environment’, the diesel consumption at CNC Grondstoffen was reduced via economical driving courses for the shovel drivers in the warehouses in Moerdijk and Milsbeek. Also energy savings were realized by the use of timer circuits on lighting, using LED lamps, reducing the rPM in the air scrubbers and using timer circuits on air handling units. 

Nutrition and health

Mushrooms fit in well with a healthy lifestyle. They are low in calories, rich in fibre and contain vegetable protein. This makes them ideal for use in vegetarian dishes.

For more information about mushrooms and delicious mushroom recipes check out the website of the Mushroom Bureau: 

Supply chain responsibility

We are working with other companies and organisations to further optimise the mushroom supply chain and make it more sustainable.

In collaboration with other companies and organizations, we are constantly improving quality, safety and durability of our products and business processes. CNC carries out research into the possibilities of reusing casing soil. Also CNC is a supporter of the foundation Responsibly Produced Peat.

Corporate social responsibility

We are working for a better society. Not only with and for our own employees, but also for local residents and other stakeholders.

CNC Grondstoffen are social partner to various organizations and events, including the SV Milsbeek sports club, the VV Klundert football club and mushroom museum De Locht in Melderslo.